INDELFTNESIA 2020 – Exquisite Kalimantan

InDelftnesia, started in 2009 with the name of Indonesia night, is the biggest annual art and culture event held by the Indonesian Student Association in Delft, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Delft (PPI Delft). Throughout the years, InDelftnesia always took multicultural Indonesia as the main theme. This year InDelftnesia comes up with a new approach, we choose to focus and unite on one main topic and wish to show the magnificent culture of that chosen area. Eventually, we chose the island Kalimantan as the main topic of our event.

Kalimantan is the biggest island in Indonesia. Inside the island stood 3 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Kalimantan is also known as Earth’s second lung. It is also the upcoming destination for our new Capital City. Therefore, Exquisite Kalimantan is chosen as our theme. With this theme, we wish to show the Exquisiteness of Kalimantan to the visitor that came to our event. Other than the theme we also thrive to change the atmosphere of the event which is often presented formally to semi-formal. We wanted to make InDelftnesia dynamics, where visitors can see, taste, and experience it as a flow of exquisite experience.

The day of the event was on Saturday, 22 of March 2020. The event was held in the Freetown area of X TU Delft. PPI Delft had a collaboration with X TU Delft organizing this event. The support and contribution from X TU Delft made this event run smoothly as planned. The event opened from 15.30 to 20.30 CET and more than 300 visitors came to enjoy the event.

InDelftnesia 2020 offered 3 main events, Exhibition, Workshops, and Stage Performances. The Exhibition started from the opening of the event until the end of the event. The Exhibition offered 5 booths for visitors to enjoy and learn from. The 5 booths are Flora & Fauna, Demography of Kalimantan, Fashion, Culinary Experience, and Architecture and Urbanism of Kalimantan. The Flora & Fauna booth is designed to be a photo booth corner for the visitors, decorated with forest vibe, stuff animals, and tourism books. The Demography of Kalimantan shows the timeline of important events that have happened from the years BC until the current situation of Kalimantan. The Fashion booth shows the beautiful traditional fashion, jewelry, accessories, and fabrics of Kalimantan. The visitors can try the clothing in this booth. Furthermore, the Culinary Experience booth offers a few delicious traditional snacks and drinks of Kalimantan. The visitors can taste these amazing snacks and drink to refresh themselves. The last booth, The Architecture and Urbanism booth. Here the visitors will learn about the traditional house of Utik River and the urbanism plan of our new capital city in East Kalimantan, showing the video of the winner of the Ministry Urban Design for Indonesia New Capital City Contest, Nagara Rimba Nusa.

Next to the Exhibition, InDelftnesia 2020 provided Cooking Worksop and Sasirangan Workshop. Each workshop opens 2 batch or classes for the visitors, batch 1 starts from 16.00CET and batch 2 at 17.00CET. Each batch of the Cooking workshop offered each a special traditional dish for the visitors. The first batch was thought to cook Paliat Patin, a dish originated from the area around Banjarmasin. Paliat Patin is a deep-fried Pangasius served with turmeric and coconut sauce, with jasmine rice and Kaffir Lime. People from Banjarmasin usually travel 6 to 7 hours just to taste this dish. The second batch of the Cooking workshop serves Soto Banjar, a traditional South Kalimantan Soto (soup) served with rice cake, pulled chicken, veggies and Kaffir Lime. The Sasirangan workshop taught the participants to make a Sasirangan cloth. Sasirangan is a fabric made traditionally in South Kalimantan. First, they draw the pattern on the fabric, each pattern has its specific meaning, then they sew the pattern and pull the tread. The sewed cloth is then dipped in dye with a colour of the participants’ preference, also every colour has its meaning, and it’s hanged and dried. The Sasirangan has a long history in East Kalimantan and the people believe that it’s a sacred fabric that has certain power based on its pattern and colour.

The stage Performances consist of 3 main acts to entertain the visitors of InDelftnesia 2020, Seafood 88 Band, Angklung, and Dances. All performances are presented in the foyer of the Freetown area, the centre of our venue. The stage performances are not only just Kalimantan but also cultural performances from all over Indonesia. The stage started at 18.00CET with Seafood 88 band performance act as the opening. They performed various Indonesia pop songs that spanned throughout the years. The second performance is the Angklung performance by Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen, PPI Wageningen. First, they performed 3 songs and afterwards, they put up an interactive performance with the audiences. Angklung was then given to the audiences and the Angklung conductor then taught the audiences hand-note signal. There are 2 songs prepared for the audience to learn and to play along. Afterwards, the last performances were the dances by PPI Delft students. There are 3 dances prepared to entertain the audience, Tari Perang, Tari Enggang, and Tari Maumere. Tari Perang (Dance of War), also known as “Kancet Papatai ” in Dayaknese language, is a traditional dance that symbolizes the courage and heroism of the Dayak Tribe in defending their territory and family. It is performed before the inauguration of a hero/knight or as a celebration after a triumph in a war. Next is Tari Enggang, Enggang or hornbill is a native bird of Kalimantan that symbolizes peace and unity. Dayak (a traditional tribe of Kalimantan) believes that their ancestors came from heaven and came down to earth graciously like a hornbill. Dayak people give respect to hornbills, as they respect their ancestors. This dance is a way to show their respect. The last performance of the Stage Performance is Tari Maumere. Maumere (Gemu Famire) dance, originated from East Nusa Tenggara. In our closing performance, we invited everyone in the venue to dance along with the Gemu Famire song and that ended our event. Other than these 3 main events InDelftnesia 2020 also provided a food bazaar consisting of 2 vendors, Lapek Jo (Padangnese food) and Waroeng Maya (various Indonesian food), where visitors can enjoy the rich taste of Indonesian cuisine.

Behind the scene of these three main events, the InDelftnesia 2020 Committee is divided into five divisions, Design & Exhibition, Event Division, Marketing & Fundraising, and Logistics. We also receive massive help from our fellow volunteer friends. There are 76 committees, volunteers and dancers in total that gave their dedication and hard work for this event. Their effort paid off with the comfort shown on everyone’s face that came to the event.

The event could not happen without the substantial support both financially and morally from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the Netherlands, X TU Delft, Indomie, PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, Bank Negara Indonesia, CNN Indonesia, and Kompasiana. The InDelftnesia 2020 Committee would like to give massive gratitude to all the sponsors and media partners that we, InDelftnesia 2020 Committee, can organize the event for free.

Indonesia is the Kingdom of Diversity, a home to numerous tribes, culture, and languages. InDelftnesia 2020 through its theme, Exquisite Kalimantan, unite this magnificent diversity here in the Netherlands, 11.000 kilometres away from mother land. Here we build a second home, where students and the indonesian society can come too. It’s not only any event, it’s also the process that made this event, the joy of unity that shared during the process, during the event, and the relation between everyone that’s involved. Our main success this year is to unite these differences and share the happiness we build into an exquisite InDelftnesia 2020.

Indelftnesia 2020 : Exquisite Kalimantan

Registration for InDelftnesia event & workshops are now OPEN! Grab it fast guys!!!

#InDelftnesia2020 will bring the spirit of the fascinating cultural heritage of Kalimantan to Delft. Register yourself here,, and enjoy the exhibition, workshop, food bazaar, as well as the performances.

Come and enjoy the event at X TU Delft 22 February 2020 from 15.30 to 22.00!

For further information, you can contact us by visiting our Facebook Page and Instagram @indelftnesia.2020

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Kumpul Kuarter 2 – 22 September 2019

Hai citizen PPI Delft tercinta!

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Baik-baik aja dong yaaa

Eh tau ga tau gaa, kita abis kumpul-kumpul loh kemareeeen! Sembari menyambut para warga PPI Delft terbaru kita yang baru datang di Belanda bulan Agustus kemarin, lewat Kumpul Kuarter ini kita jadi makin dekan dan hangatttt dengan adanya games-games, perkenalan terhadap organisasi PPI Delft dan tentunya BBQ gratisss 🥩🍖🍢

Senangnyaa berkenalan dengan warga-warga baru yang penuh semangat dan mukanya imut-imut ini. Keluarga kami jadi tambah besar dan meriaah! Semoga kita bisa saling membantu satu sama lain dalam menaungin bahtera kehidupan disini. Sampai jumpa di Kumpul Kuarter selanjutnya yang akan dilaksanakan tidak lama lagiiii


Persiapan Berangkat: Survival Guide 2019

Hoi allemaal, khususnya mahasiswa baru!

Apakah kamu akan berangkat ke Delft? Bingung apa saja yang perlu disiapkan?

Silakan cek dokumen Survival Guide 2019 yang kami susun untuk membantu teman-teman mempersiapkan keberangkatan ke Delft. Survival Guide ini dipersembahkan oleh Badan Pengurus PPI Delft 2019/2020, hasil kolaborasi divisi internal dan medkominfo. Panduan ini berisikan informasi persiapan sebelum berangkat; mulai dari barang-barang apa yang perlu dibawa dari rumah, dokumen penting, hal-hal yang harus dilakukan ketika tiba di Schipol;, dan hal-hal lainnya untuk mempermudah kalian menetap di Delft.

Please have a look here:

Indelftnesia 2019 : PPI Delft’s biggest Art & Cultural event

InDelftnesia is the biggest art and culture annual event held by the Indonesian Student Association in Delft, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Delft. This year, InDelftnesia 2019 took the theme of Archipelago Wonder: Impeccable Diversity. These are two significant yet interconnected goals that were offered for all the people involved in the event, name it committee, volunteers, performers, and especially visitors.

When it is about Indonesia, the archipelago is very attached to the characteristic of the country. Indonesia has more than 17k islands, and this fact brings Indonesia to be declared as an archipelago country. Not to mention that 67% of the country’s area is also an ocean. Indonesia is gifted with incredible natural wealth and undoubtedly, a home united in diversity. The values of Indonesian heritage still permeate the lives of Indonesians today, signifying our understanding of the importance of tradition in modernity. Safe to say, it is just wonderful. Therefore, InDelftnesia 2019 would like to bring people experiencing the golds of Indonesia, especially for our international visitors who have never known Indonesia.

As an archipelago country, Indonesia is also very diverse. This diversity can be imagined by the facts that there are more than 700 local languages, more than 3000 traditional dances, and more than 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. The Education and Cultural Attaché of The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the Netherlands, Mr. Din Wahid also expressed the same insight through his opening speech in the Theatre Performance. The diversity of Indonesia was also captured by the background of committee members and performers of InDelftnesia 2019 who all of them are the Indonesian students based in Delft. More than 70 students were united giving their mind, time, and heart to make all things happened, to increasingly build their love for Indonesia though. Therefore, the second goal of InDelftnesia 2019 is to improve people’s awareness in appreciating the golds scattered throughout Indonesia. These two goals are then become our dream came true as the implementation of InDelftnesia 2019.

D-Day of the event was on Saturday, March 16, 2019. PPI Delft together cooperated with X TU Delft for organizing this event that is why the event was held in Freetown Building – X TU Delft. The support, contribution, and help from X TU Delft were very valuable for the smooth running of the event. All the committee of InDelftnesia 2019, as well as the organization, are very thankful for that.

There were about 450 people visited InDelftnesia 2019 started from 13.00 to 21.30. There were two big productions in the event: OnStage Production and OffStage Production. The OnStage Production was packaged in the form of theatre performance with the storyline of “The Four Punokawan,” a famous traditional Javanese wayang (shadow puppets). Through this theatre performance, the committee would like to give a moral message to the audiences that is “Mburu uceng kelangan dhelek” (in Javanese) or looking for something small for losing something more valuable. The main performers were the members of PPI Delft itself; however, the production was also enlivened by the performers of Renadi Santoso, a traditional musician based in Amsterdam, and Wahana Budaya Dansgrup, a traditional dance group based in Arnhem. The dances performed in this production were scattered from the western to the eastern part of Indonesia, such as Tandok Batak dance from North Sumatra, Janger dance from Bali, and Maumere dance from East Nusa Tenggara.

Moreover, InDelftnesia 2019 was brightened up by the OffStage Production. As the main focus of thisevent is human, therefore the production used the very fundamental thing of a human being: eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and hands, so that people could feel the impeccable diversity of Indonesian culture. Therefore, the theme of this production was “Five Senses.” The OffStage Production offered an exhibition, food bazaars, and three types of workshops: Satay, Batik, and Anyaman. There were about 150 people participated in the workshops where they could also bring home their handmade results. The exhibition was turned out like an interactive museum. The visitors could enjoy by not only looking but also interact, such as traditional game corner where visitors played bakiak, bekel, congklak in the exhibition. Moreover, we also offered various kinds of traditional foods from Indonesia in the form of food bazaars by Salero Minang and Pempek Elysha.

Other than two big productions, InDelftnesia 2019 could not happen without the hard work of all the motivated people from Marketing  &Design and Logistics & Display divisions. The design and publication both off- and on-line were very well-planned and well-executed by the Marketing & Design division. The achievement was proven by the number of registered people which was more than 700 people. Before and after D-Day of the event, InDelftnesia 2019 was also gratefully covered in articles by Kalderanews, the media partner of InDelftnesia 2019. All the logistics and manpower needed by the committee were handled by Logistics & Display division. This was a division who worked behind the scenes though the contribution was beyond remarkable, especially in maintaining the cooperation and communication with our venue partner as well as in making the live streaming happened so that people can watch the theatre performance all the time.

The event could not happen without the significant support both financially and morally from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology, X TU Delft, Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN), Indofood, BNI, and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. A big gratitude to all the sponsors which had been the motivation behind the great work of all committee, performers, and volunteers as well as the reason we were able to organize the event for free.

The best part of the event is not about popularity nor success. It is about the happiness visitors felt when they entered the venue, walked around in the exhibition and took photos of it, concentrated in painting the Batik using ‘malam,’ felt spicy of Indonesian foods but then bought another portion, and laughed or even cried when they were watching the theatre performance. We believe that InDelftnesia 2019 is not only an event, more than that it is a home we created for our beloved country, Indonesia. Just like Dr. Tik Tan from Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) said through his opening speech in theatre performance: Indonesia is about the people living in a home full of diversity and together they make a unity. And the unity is Indonesia.

Ingrid Rosalyn Indriana Sitorus
Head of Comittee
Indelftnesia 2019

Kumpul Kuarter 1 – 22 Juni 2019

Halo anggota PPI Delft dan teman teman semua,

Pada tanggal 22 Juni 2019, telah dilaksanakan Kumpul Kuarter ke-1 dalam periode kepengurusan PPI Delft 2019/2020. Karena berpapasan dengan bulan suci Ramadhan, kegiatan Kumpil Kuarter pertama dalam periode kepengurusan baru ini dibalut dengan tema Buka Bersama.

Acara yang diadakan di Common Room, Prof Schemenhoornstraat ini diawali dengan kegiatan jamming dan permainan Band, yang dilanjutkan  dilanjutkan dengan permainan-permainan seru seperti ‘Tebak Lagu Syariah” yang tentunya semakin menghangatkan suasana. Setelah itu, dilanjutkan dengan games “Tebak Iklan Ramadhan” yang sekaligus membuat kita nostalgia dengan iklan-iklan khas bulan Ramadhan di Indonesia beberapa tahun lalu.

Tak terasa, adzan Magrib pun berkumandang dan acara Games ditutup dengan pemberian hadiah, dan kegiatan dilanjutkan dengan shalat Magrib dan berbuka puasa dengan makanan Indonesia yang tentunya menggugah selera dan menghapus kangen kita terhadap Indonesia.

Sampai jumpa di acara Kumpul Kuarter dan acara acara PPI Delft lainnya!

Tot ziens.

PPI Delft @ Eindhoven League 2019

Halo anggota PPI Delft dan teman teman sekalian,

Pada tanggal 30 Maret 2019, PPI Delft mengikuti rangkaian kompetisi olahraga yang diadakan oleh PPI Eindhoven, yaitu Eindhoven Cup 2019. Sebagai informasi, Eindhoven Cup 2019 merupakan kejuaraan bertemakan olahraga yang diadakan oleh PPI Eindhoven, dengan jenis olahraga yang dipertandingkan mencakup voli, futsal, basket, dan sebagainya. Dalam kesempatan kali ini, PPI Delft mengikutsertakan kontingen di cabang Futsal dan Basket.

Drama 2 Gol di 30 detik terakhir dari tim Futsal PPI Delft saat melawan PPI Arnhem, dan tensi tinggi + kemenangan tipis dengan beda skor 1 dari tim Basket PPI Delft saat melawan PPI Enschede, telah mewarnai hari besenang senang dan berkompetisi PPI Delft saat itu.

Terima kasih banyak kepada seluruh anggota PPI Delft yang ikut meramaikan, baik itu sebagai kontigen/peserta lomba, maupun  teman teman yang datang dan senantiasa ikut mendukung keluarga kita, PPI Delft.

Alhamdulillah dan Puji Syukur, banyak tawa dan kebahagiaan yang tercipta antar kita pada Eindhoven Cup 2019. Semoga, kegiatan seru dari Divisi Minat, Bakat, dan Budaya BP PPI Delft terus bisa menjadi wahana kita untuk sekedar kumpul kumpul dan bersenang senang lagi, sehingga rasa kebersamaan dan kekeluargaan kita dapat terasa lebih erat.

Sampai jumpa lagi di acara acara PPI Delft dan turnamen-turnamen lainnya!

Tot ziens.