KOPI Delft: Effects of Sea Level Rise, Land Subsidence and Uncontrolled Land Use Change on Urban and Rural Water Management Systems – Dr.F.X. Suryadi

Effects of Sea Level Rise, Land Subsidence and Uncontrolled Land Use Change on Urban and Rural Water Management Systems

by : F.X. Suryadi (Senior Lecturer Land and Water Development, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands)



Date : Friday, 2 November 2012

Time : 16.30 – 18.15 CET

Place : Room A1b 1st Floor -UNESCO IHE university



The effects of land use change, land subsidence and impact of climate change (sea level rise) on water management systems (urban and rural) deserve careful analysis, since this may have important consequence on the success of the lowland development in Indonesia.

Based on modelling, analysis, results and evaluation for the study areas, it can be concluded that the effects of sea level rise, land subsidence and uncontrolled land use change on water management systems in the future will be significant. These significant effects can have impacts on the development of lowlands in the study area particularly and in Indonesia in general. From the analyses it can also be concluded that land subsidence and uncontrolled land use change have significantly more effects on water management zoning than the impacts of climate change.

Preventive efforts to control land subsidence and uncontrolled land use change are needed to overcome negative impacts which may occur in the future, while for climate change there needs to be wider or even global concern to minimize or to reduce its rate. Therefore, structural and non structural measures will be needed.


Sea level rise, land subsidence, land use change, lowland development, water management zoning, hydraulic modelling and GIS modelling

Meet the speaker

Suryadi received his BSc degree in Civil Engineering at the Parahyangan, Catholic University in Bandung, Indonesia and an MSc degree in Hydraulic Engineering at IHE, Delft. He got his PhD from Delft University of Technology – IHE Delft in October 1996. He has obtained experience in hydrometric and hydrographic surveys in tidal rivers in Indonesia and in modelling of water management systems in tidal lowlands. His research topic for the past few years has been Soil and Water Management Strategies for Lowlands. An other important research topic focuses on the set-up of database management systems, 1D and 2D hydrodynamic modelling, modelling of land suitability, morphological changes and water management zoning with GIS, and includes many national and international publications.

He has broad experience in teaching applied hydraulics, one dimensional water quantity and quality mathematical modelling, for several courses at UNESCO-IHE and abroad, like in Yemen, Malaysia and Indonesia. He has also experience in consultancy projects related to modelling of water management systems and application of GIS. From 1997 till 2003 he was a guest lecturer at IHE. In March 2004, he joined UNESCO-IHE as a senior lecturer in Land and Water Development.


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