KOPI Delft 28 September 2012 (Abstract)


Introduction to Sustainability Thinking in the Business Organizations: The Applications and the Challenges

by Stevie Heru

Date        : Friday, 28 September 2012

Time       : 17.30 – 20.00 CET




Nowadays, we hear so many people around us are talking about sustainability, sustainable development and many other terminologies related to this subject.

Especially for fellow students who are currently studying in TU Delft which is known as one of the ‘centers for sustainability study’ in the world that is actively promoting sustainability ideas in its study programs, this terms might sound more than familiar.

After more than two decades since the idea of human sustainability was first being introduced to the public, the ‘Sustainability’ thinking is no longer staying exclusively in the academia domain but it seems it is already becoming a real driving force for any organizations, business organizations and policy makers in the government (especially in developed countries) in formulating their strategic policies.

Sustainability is now turning into some kind of ‘sexy keywords’ for everyone and even currently also common being used as marketing gimmicks for some commercial products.

But what is actually this ‘sustainability’ thing? What is the ‘sustainable development’? What is then ‘sustainable product development’? Is it actually an abstract or pragmatic idea? Does this give any meaning to you? What is then the difference with the ‘eco/green development’ ideas that have been developed previously? Do people really care?  Do business organizations really implement this idea? And how far do people really understand the concept of the ‘sustainability’ itself?

This short presentation will try to discuss these questions and share some knowledge about the development of the ‘sustainability thinking’ in the industries (or business organizations), the influence for the innovation and the product development process, the applications and the challenges.

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