KOPI Delft 31 August 2012 (Abstract)

Flood defence management in Jakarta: fighting a losing battle?

by Wim Ravesteijn
Date       : 31 August 2012

Time       : 17.30 – 20.00 CET

Place      : Room A TPM Faculty (Building 31), TU Delft

Address  : Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft


Jakarta suffers from persistent flood problems, which challenge water managers and hydraulic engineers to consider new, creative and innovative measures, procedures and structures. Until now, however, the debate on these problems and on improving the complex multi-purpose and multi-actor (including “multi-authority”) water situation in the Jakarta area has not resulted in a shared and adequate solution strategy. It seems clear, however, that the problems require an approach that involves the catchment areas of all rivers involved, including the Citarum, the Ciliwung and the Cisadane rivers, and aims at improving both the water infrastructure and the water management situation. Consequently, earlier plans and projects should be considered in order to understand how the present defective water system came into being and why problems have not been solved. The presentation will address the debate on and quest for flood solutions in Jakarta and will show the value of a broad and historical perspective in the analysis of water problems in the search for and assessment of options for improvement.

More information:
1. For Profit and Prosperity. The contribution made by Dutch engineers to public works in Indonesia, 1800-2000 (Book)
2. Evaluating Jakarta’s flood defence governance: the impact of political and institutional reforms” in Water Policy (Book)


Meet the speaker
Wim Ravesteijn (1954) is Associate Professor and Head of the Technology Dynamics & Sustainable Development section within the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology. He is involved in water resources development and water management from historical and international points of view. His (co-)publications about civil engineering works in Indonesia include For Profit and Prosperity: The Contribution made by Dutch Engineers to Public Works in Indonesia, 1800-2000 (Zaltbommel/Leiden: Aprilis/KITLV Press 2008) and “Evaluating Jakarta’s flood defence governance: the impact of political and institutional reforms” in Water Policy (14, 2012, 561–580).

E-mail: w.ravesteijn@tudelft.nl

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