KOPI Delft Espresso: String Theory – Ardian Nata Atmaja

Setelah Jumat lalu, kita ber-LaTeX ceria.. minggu ini kita gelar lagi KOPI Delft..

Well.. Minggu ini kita punya tamu spesial dari Leiden.. Ardian Nata Atmaja

Beliau akan berbicara tentang “String Theory“.

Sedikit cerita,
teori spring ini dipercaya beberapa ilmuwan sebagai paripurna teori tentang alam semesta (ToE). Relativitas Einstein, Teori Bing Bang, Thermodinamika, Elektromagnetik, Gravitasi adalah sebagian kecil konsekuensi String Theory.. Namun benar kah demikian…? Adakah kaitan string theory dengan bidang ilmu lain (ekonomi misalnya)…? Kita akan kupas tuntas masalah ini dalam diskusi hangat a la KOPI.. So.. ditunggu kehadirannya..

LOKASI : Room G, Gedung EWI, TUDelft.

As one of the most important developments in string theory, the AdS/CFT correspondence(or in general gauge/gravity correspondence) encodes a way of using string theory to perform non-perturbative calculation in gauge theory which is still a complicated problem. It is based on holographic principal which states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a boundary of that region. It was firstly formulated as the correspondence between weakly coupled gravity theory with AdS (Anti de Sitter) space-time background and strongly coupled gauge theory with conformal symmetry in one lower dimension. One application of AdS/CFT is to compute some of observables of sQGP such as photon and dilepton production rates, mean-free path time of the plasma constituents, and anisotropic drag force effect to the elliptic flow.

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