ISSM 2008

Indonesian Students Scientific Meeting 2008

Since 1996, the Indonesian Student’s Scientific Meeting (hereinafter, ISSM) has been organized annually by the Institute for cience and Technology Studies (hereinafter, ISTECS) Europe in collaboration with student and professional organizations in Germany, France, the Netherlands and United Kingdom . Hundreds of participants, coming from European countries, Canada, Japan and Indonesia, attended these events. Each of the previous meetings has presented outstanding keynote speakers, followed by parallel sessions and poster presentations from the participants.

ISSM is held to provide scientists, professionals, decision makers and government representatives an opportunity to discuss together current work and future directions for research and applications for the development of Indonesia .

Following the success of the previous meetings, the Indonesian Student’s Scientific Meeting 2008 (ISSM 2008) will be held on 13–15 May 2008 in Delft, the Netherlands.

The theme of the ISSM 2008 is

” Sustainable development  in Indonesia : An Interdisciplinary Approach ”
(Pembangunan berkesinambungan di Indonesia: sebuah pendekatan antar disiplin).

Therefore, this event is designed to provide scientists, engineers, regulators, and other professionals an opportunity to discuss current work and future directions for research and application in order to participate in the development of Indonesia.

Besides speech from many outstanding keynote speakers, paper and poster presentation from students, there will be special workshop organized to give inputs in order to reform higher education program in Indonesia.

We are more than happy to greet you in Delft !

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