Mau makan malam dengan harga sangat murah?

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EETTAFEL ( meja makan –  hidangan malam dengan harga sangat terjangkau )

eet tafel ( meja makan )adalah nama lokasi yang dimana kita bisa menikmati hidangan malam dngan harga sangat terjangkau ( antara 3-5 euro ). Dibawah ini ada informasi yang langsung disadur dari website eettafel di kota Delft. Selain itu, dilokasi lokasi eettafel , kita pun bisa menambah pergaulan dengan berkenalan dengan pelajar-pelajar lainnya dari berbagai negara.


In Delft there is a large number of student societies that have a daily dining as a service to its members. But, these dinings are not exclusively for their members. Other students and non-students are also very welcome. For the most of these diners you don’t even need to let them know you’re coming!

The advantages?

  • it’s Cheap!, (Often it is even cheaper than cooking for yourself)
  • it’s Easy. (You can just join the table)
  • it’s Social. (This way you meet people!)

Places you can eat almost daily are:

  1. Eettafel Tyche (Delftsche Studenten Bond), Oude Delft 123
  2. D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug, Oude Delft 50-52
  3. De Koornbeurs, Voldersgracht 1
  4. Eettafel Alcuin (Virgiel), Oude Delft 57
  5. Wolbodo, Verwersdijk 102
  6. CSR, Oude Delft 9
  7. Eettafel Blauw, Aula TUdelft
  8. de Bolk, Buitenwatersloot 1-3 (groups are asked to call in advance)

Dinners usually cost between € 3,- and € 4,50


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